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01 October 2006 @ 03:06 pm

Those who normally do not read my fics? DO NOT read this. It's one of the most disturbing chapters I've writen. I am very, very serious about this.

Again, this post is for organisational purposes. Decided that it was too troublesome to edit my website.

Oh yes. I've edited Joke 1 to 5, which is what was there previously, and am writing Joke 6.

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01 October 2006 @ 12:51 pm

I did say this was going to become a ficjournal, didn't I? (: That means that I'm going to post random bits of my work - unfinished stuff, unposted-on-FFnet-stuff, random stuff, might-never-be-continued stuff. Original or fanfic. For those who actually know me in real life - people like kagen and myst and the rest - you might want to delete this journal from your f-list in case you get flooded by random things.

That cut up there leads to a Drarry AU, which I haven't decided what to do with yet. ^^;

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09 September 2006 @ 02:47 pm
This is for organisational purposes!

Gosh I love that phrase. You could get away with murder.

16 May 2006 @ 05:22 pm
*peers in*


*steps in tentatively*


I'm alive! (:

Sorry I've died here on LJ... but I have been alive on FFnet, really I have. And I've been working hard, too, to write stuff, but lately it's just been so busy... I have countless amounts of overdue homework. Not kidding. For just about every subject I take. And there's extracurricular stuff, too. To those still on my Flist who haven't deleted me off in exasperation: I'm sorry. I really am.

Anyway, the point of this post is... I'm going to make this into a fic journal! ^____^v Isn't that lovely? Though I'm not sure if anyone will read this LJ, but oh well. Random stuff that I write will be posted, I suppose, as will links to any FFnet updates...? Not really sure what a fic journal's about.

For the people who have wondered about my existence (like someone called Stephanie...? Sorry! ;_;) I can tell you this: I will finish any fic series I start. It might take a while, and the fic might undergo lots of revisions (okay, maybe not a lot, I haven't the time), but it will be finished. I hope that's comforting. (:

And yes, that includes Joke.

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23 January 2006 @ 07:32 pm
Luna Sea's Loveless. There are no words.

Random Bits of School Life!Collapse )

So far I've lost the battle of forged amnesia with three of my NYPS classmates, because they came up to me and did that whole 'do you remember me?' routine. First was Shaun, then Jia Hua - who I will never forget for his merciless cruel teasing when I was younger, pimplier and fatter, but of course I didn't say that to his face, I was perfectly polite - and then Ackerly, whom I had a nice but short talk with further than '...who are you? Oh. Uh. Who?' Whee. I hope this meeting people trend doesn't continue, because these few people were the more tolerable ones. The less tolerable ones are left.

But since most of them went to the Science stream, whose times clash terribly with the Arts times, I think I'm relatively safe. *crosses fingers* I added a lucky charm to my wallet, to be sure.

Oh, and I am now the horrified proud reluctant willing owner of three... miniskirts. *shudders* And if that's not bad enough, one of those mini-jackets that end rib-cage-level. And a lacy-strapped sphagetti top.

Oh, and to Ame and veggieincoma... *loves* THANK YOU for the gorgeous, gorgeous notebook!

Edit: Read Anita Blake. Am in love with all the men (Nathaniel! Jean-Claude! Micah! Asher! Jason! Rafael!) except Richard, who is a whiny idiot.

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12 January 2006 @ 07:05 pm
Never age. Never die. Live for ever in that one last white-hot moment, when the crowd screamed. When every note was a heartbeat. Burn across the sky.

You will never grow old. They will never say you died.

That's the deal. And you will be the greatest musician in the world.

Live fast.

Die young.

*Collapse )

I wanted him to live for me.

'You wanted him to die for you!'

What is the difference? He would would be dead anyway. But to die in music... People will always remember the songs he never had the chance to sing. And they will be the greatest songs of all.

Live your life in a moment.

And then live for ever. Don't fade away.

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02 January 2006 @ 02:35 pm
Firstly... Merry Belated Christmas to everyone! And a Happy New Year. May 2006 be a good year for you all. (:

Secondly... Those who know me know I like bunnies and have a corrupted mind. This Link is, therefore, Love. Taken from jing_i.

Thirdly... the second and last installment of inthefire2002's amazingly, utterly, incredibly late bday present. The plot of it is reminiscient of Joke, aaand the ending reminds me of 48 Hours, only... happier.

Talk Shows On Mute: Part TwoCollapse )

Speaking of 48 Hours, I was wondering if I should write a short epilogue - one with a better ending? The ending of Talk Shows made me think... but I suppose the feeling'll pass.

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20 December 2005 @ 08:30 pm


EVERYONE LOOK AT MY USERPIC. *loves* Of course, can't take credit for it, but hey - if anyone else goes to chaoticdraconis's LJ and finds their own, remember - you heard about her from me! Oh, and do take a look at the HPDM ones... *waggles eyebrows* Rawr. And there's RyuichiShuichi ones, and Ryuichi ones (I left the blond-haired guy alone, can't remember his name, don't like him), and FFAV ones, and Gackt and Miyavi! Her Gackt ones look especially drool-worthy.

And the second squealworthy incident of the day is: I bought Pratchett's latest book Thud! which is, simply put, a masterpiece. A breathtakingly inventive, beautiful masterpiece. Like agreed before with keire_ke, his writing is getting darker, and this book is no exception, and I love that about it. It goes up there with Nightwatch as one of my favourite Watch books.

Third happy item on list: I had a great afternoon out with Fernie, Bernie and, uh... Elizarie? o.O; Bought a tote bag for next year, too. Now it'll make me happy until my dad gives me this 'WTF you bought a new something how dare you?' look, but that won't be until tomorrow so I'm safe enough to be happy today. Whee!

The fourth happy moment of the day... I finished inthefire2002's present. *grovels* I'm sorry for its lateness... and since it's long, I'm posting it here in two parts. I came up with this because I was thinking, well, since she's so worried over Joke!Duo, who hasn't gotten his happy ending yet... I'd give her another Duo very similar to Joke!Duo, but with his happy ending already written. ^_^ So here it is!

The only warning would be cliché-ness, I think. Sorry!

Talk Shows On Mute: Part OneCollapse )

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15 December 2005 @ 08:51 pm
Well! I have been a busy bunny-slave: I've started quite a bit of inthefire2002's very sadly belated birthday present, though it won't be posted anytime soon because I have for some reason written it all out and so have to type it all in later. >_<

Other than that, I've also been working on both my HP Music fic, my FY very dead fic, and... Roommate. XD

Warning: it's long, and it's not very funny... the only bit I really like is the last 3x4 bit. If anyone has ANY suggestions at all - please, drown me in them. Critique is absolutely welcome - why you didn't like what, what went wrong, what could have been phrased better, etc. I'm not afraid to admit that I need it. *_* Badly.

Roommate: Unwanted... Chapter SixCollapse )

On a random note, I just realized that the reviews I've been getting are less of the !!11!!!UPDAET SOON! OMG I LUV U!! kind of reviews, and also less of the generic 'That's so funny/nice/great!' kind of reviews, but more of the longer, more thoughtful kind of reviews that ask questions or point out stuff in the story, so that I know they actually read and really appreciated. It makes me all gooey inside. ^_^ And also, thanks to all my friends here who cheered me up before. (:

*hugs all the lovely people*


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12 December 2005 @ 05:50 pm
I'm back!

The thing about KL is that I felt like I was in China. Half the people looked Chinese, most of them spoke Chinese or Cantonese, and the prices were low and pirated stuff was everywhere.

The Five Days of KLCollapse )

And my headache is better, which is why I could finally get onto the com without getting dizzy. Must have been the nosebleed. Funny, though, because throughout the three day course they kept blasting really loud music through really big speakers and I went half deaf and half dizzy.

kizha, veggieincoma, kagen and assorted others - seems like I missed lots of stuff when I was in KL. ;_; Can we get together again to watch trashy stuff? Yes Hana Dori something is trashy. And we can rewatch PoT - last few epis! And after the mindwashing of kagen and veggieincoma - let's go watch GoF again, too. The whole gay bunch. XD

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