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Night Watch.

20 February
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A biography. How lovely. *prods*

Am a slash/yaoi fangirl - if you don't know what it means, please don't click on any funny links you might find in my posts unless you want to scar yourself for life. Better yet don't enter Teh LJ at all.

Am also pestered by lots of plotbunnies every day (which results in the funny links You Should Not Click On If You Don't Know What Slash/Yaoi Means Unless You Want To Scar Yourself For Life). Since my plotbunnies are mostly gay that is Not A Good Thing, because I have to edit my fics before I try to send them in to stuff like CAP.

Oh, and I finally decided to spruce up the info page a little. Sorry, but I think I went a little overboard with this.

I adore this pairing. 1x2 support!

Aikaryu is love
Aikaryu is crack love

The Final is Love

at least I have a sense of humour!

These guys rock. ♥

Gackt is dear love.

Kyo Evolutions is Love

And, uh, because I really couldn't resist these fine examples of photoshoping...

Harry/Draco Is Love

Forever as One