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02 January 2006 @ 02:35 pm
[Talk Shows 2...]  
Firstly... Merry Belated Christmas to everyone! And a Happy New Year. May 2006 be a good year for you all. (:

Secondly... Those who know me know I like bunnies and have a corrupted mind. This Link is, therefore, Love. Taken from jing_i.

Thirdly... the second and last installment of inthefire2002's amazingly, utterly, incredibly late bday present. The plot of it is reminiscient of Joke, aaand the ending reminds me of 48 Hours, only... happier.


There was something wrong with Duo.

Quatre mentally ran through the facts he’d accumulated over the past three weeks while his fingers flew over the keyboard, typing commands that he suspected would give him the last piece of information he needed to confirm his theory.

He really hoped that he would be wrong.

Duo had been quiet ever since the mission, and his silences had grown longer over the days until, now, he almost never spoke. Quatre had wondered why, but hadn’t given it much thought until he’d accidentally seen Duo in the throes of a nightmare, where he’d woken up with a silent scream, a hand to his throat, panting harshly – but not making a sound. Then he remembered Heero yelling at Duo about talking too much, and Duo had been silent after that – then Duo had started playing music, but Heero had yelled at him for that, too, and he’d stopped… which was roughly around the same time he’d become more quiet, more withdrawn, more haggard. More… haunted.

He’d talked with the rest of the pilots, and all but Heero had agreed with his views. The Japanese pilot had dismissed their concerns, saying something about how Duo had just decided to change for the better, and that they shouldn’t waste their time on worrying. Duo had brushed them off in much the same way, insisting that he was fine. Quatre hadn’t had the time to follow up on it, since Trowa and Wufei had been called away for missions and needed his help from base.

But things had gone from bad to worse, and so, five minutes ago, when Duo had come out of Heero’s room, Quatre had purposely brushed against the braided boy, and had been shocked to discover he was trembling, that his skin was cold – but even more shocked when his empathy suddenly went crazy. He felt self-loathing, hurt, depression, and a myriad of other emotions that Quatre was hard pressed to not let them affect him. Duo had then retreated into his bedroom, upon which Quatre had grabbed his laptop and set to work.

Ten minutes later he had the information he’d been looking for, and he sat back in a mute horror, staring at the small side note on a document – a side note that had been ignored when Treize, with their information, had successfully seized control and disposed of the liquids.

Some of the liquid designed to inflict torture on the voice box… had been missing.

Oh, Duo.

He knew exactly why his friend had gone to such lengths. The admiration and love Duo had for Heero was a secret only to Heero himself; everyone else had figured it out long ago. Heero continued to be oblivious, and it broke Quatre’s heart to see Duo doing everything he could to gain Heero’s attention and approval… but never succeeded, as Heero shot him down every time.

This time, though, things had gone too far.

Quatre grimly stood and stalked to Heero’s room. He threw open the door and glared at Heero, sitting in front of his laptop.

“I’m busy, Quatre,” the Japanese pilot said, not looking up from his work.

“Duo drank some of that liquid,” Quatre snapped.

“It really is none of my business what Duo drinks or eats –”

“You utter bastard.”

Heero paused, surprised – Quatre never cursed unless he was really furious. He looked up at the blond, swiveling in his chair to face the doorway. “I’m sorry?”

“You ought to be,” Quatre said furiously. “Those liquids that OZ was trying to make? Remember those? One of them causes agony when the victim speaks, and Duo willingly drank it down!”

He was yelling by the end, fists clenched, and if Heero said one thing wrong

“What for?”

Quatre gave a frustrated scream and launched himself towards Heero, intending to hit him hard – but hands suddenly restrained him, tugging him back. He ceased struggling against them in favour of yelling at the stunned-looking pilot before him. “He did it because you wanted him to be quiet! Because you couldn’t accept him for who he is! Because you think that everyone should be like you, that everyone should fall in line with your own little world, and because you’re a cold unfeeling bastard who can’t recognize love when it hits you in the face!”

“I don’t –”

“Heero, leave it! Quatre, please –” The voice was one he hadn’t heard in a long time; it was lower in pitch than before, and much hoarser. Only then did Quatre realize who had been holding him back. He saw, out of the corner of his eye, an emotion he couldn’t identify flash across Heero’s face, as he turned to face Duo.

Duo looked so tired and pale; he’d become even slimmer than before, and so… worn. He hadn’t realized it was so bad; come to think of it, he hadn’t realized it because Duo had taken to avoiding them, so this was his first good look at the American in a while.

He felt his anger pushed aside by sadness and guilt and frustration. “Oh, Duo, you shouldn’t have –”

Duo wouldn’t meet his eyes as he cut him off. “I had to; it was the only way I could have kept myself quiet. Isn’t everyone happier now without me always prattling on? It’s not a big deal – it doesn’t hurt that much, when I don’t talk it’s just like a sore throat –”

“And when you do talk?” Quatre demanded.

Duo shrugged. “I’m getting used to it.”

Quatre forced Duo to look at him. “Tell me the truth, Duo. You don’t lie, remember? What does it feel like? If you still consider me a friend I want to you tell me the truth.” He hesitated, and then added softly, “Please.”

The braided boy looked decidedly unhappy, but he answered shortly, “Like it’s on fire and being skinned alive.”

Quatre drew in a sharp breath. “Duo!”

“What? It really was the only way –”

“Don’t talk!” Quatre clamped a hand over Duo’s mouth, and turned so that he faced Heero at the same time. He was furious to see that the Japanese boy’s expression was blank. “He’s in agony every time he talks, you realize that? And he did it all because you, in a moment of utter stupidity and callousness, told him to shut up! Again! Haven’t you realized that whatever you say affects Duo deeply? He’d rather inflict torture on himself than irritate you! And because of this he’s not getting enough sleep, enough food; he has screaming nightmares every night only he doesn’t make a sound because it’s too painful, and so is eating. His talking, his music – it’s his way of coping with the things we’ve all seen, and you’ve taken it away from him and guess what? He’s hurting, every minute, just look at him now –”

Duo managed to wrench Quatre’s hand away. “Quatre, stop!” he blurted. “Please, don’t say anything else – I’m coping with it, honest –”

Quatre glared at him. “Stop talking!”

“Not if you keep yelling at Heero,” Duo said stubbornly.

“You’re still protecting him even now?”

Duo’s eyes were pleading. “Quatre…”

The blond sighed, most of his anger dissipating. “Fine. Fine. Come on, I’ll bring you back to your room – you need rest. Maybe with someone there it’ll hold off the nightmares. And don’t think you’re off the hook either – that was a stupid thing to have done, Duo Maxwell!” He turned to give Heero one final glare, and then took Duo’s arm and steered him towards his room.

Behind him, Heero sat frozen in his chair, expression unreadable, eyes blank. Then he turned back to the glowing screen of the laptop, as it beeped to inform him of a new mission, and began typing as if nothing had happened.


Two things happened the next day:

Trowa and Wufei came back.

And Heero left.


Trowa opened the door quietly, back from his grocery run. He’d tried not to make noise, but his small flicker of hope was dashed as Quatre appeared from around the corner. The hope in his eyes died, too, when he saw who was at the door.

Quatre tried to hide it, though. “Back so soon?” the blond said brightly as he came forward, taking one of the paper bags from Trowa’s arms. “I hope you didn’t speed, it’s dangerous on mountain roads like these.”

“You don’t have to force yourself to pretend, Quatre,” was Trowa’s only reply. “We’re all hoping for Heero to be back, for Duo’s sake.”

“And so that we can yell at him and hit him a few times for good measure,” came Wufei’s voice. The Chinese pilot leaned against the wall next to them, arms crossed. He was scowling, but Trowa wasn’t fooled by it – Wufei had come down equally quick as Quatre when he’d opened the door. “For Yuy to be gone for a week so far, and counting, after what happened – I thought better of him.”

“We all did,” Quatre sighed.

There was a moment of silence, before Quatre gave them a sad smile. “I’ll just go and make Duo’s soup, then. I don’t trust him anywhere near the stove, and I don’t want him climbing the stairs either, not in that state. Good thing he’s in the shower now… if only he wasn’t so stubborn.”

“I bought cream of mushroom and clam chowder,” Trowa said to change the subject. “The chowder just in case he still can swallow…” he trailed off at Quatre’s expression. “We can have the chowder for ourselves, so the cream mushroom will last longer for him,” he amended.

“We’ll do that,” Quatre agreed. Suddenly he kicked the wall, a furious look on his face. “That Heero Yuy is going to wish he’d never been born when he comes back from his damned mission!”

He stalked into the kitchen, leaving Trowa and Wufei to trade resigned looks. Quatre had been having little outbursts recently, as Duo’s condition got worse and the research he’d set the Maguanac troops to, and that they’d themselves done, had yielded no results.

One week since Heero had left without a word, without a care, for his latest mission. One week of growing despair, on all four of the remaining pilots’ parts, and one week of running to see who had opened the door, every time.

Quatre and Wufei hadn’t spent as much time with Heero as Trowa had. They hadn’t been with the Japanese boy as he’d gone from one member of the Noventa family to another. Other than Duo, whose opinion on Heero was obviously biased, Trowa was the only one who knew Heero the best, and he knew that despite all evidence Heero would come back. That he hadn’t just upped and left without a thought.

Just make it fast, Heero, he thought with a mental sigh as he followed Quatre into the kitchen. I’m not sure how much longer any of us can last.


At some time past two in the morning, when the house was silent, the ground floor window slid soundlessly open, and Heero climbed through. He gently lowered the window again, and then moved silently through the living room, pausing only when he noticed Wufei asleep on the living room couch, facing the front door. Heero watched the still figure for a moment, before giving him a small bow, eyes shadowed by more than just lack of light.

He expertly made it up the small flight of stairs without teasing a single sound from it, but slowed as he approached Duo’s room – Quatre was asleep, though he’d clearly not meant to, in a chair next to Duo’s door, which had been opened to leave a small gap. Heero closed his eyes briefly, and then again bowed to the small pilot.

When he straightened, he turned to face Trowa, who looked at him with unreadable eyes. The taller boy inclined his head slightly and moved back a few paces; Heero followed, because he knew that it was so that they wouldn’t disturb Quatre.

Trowa indicated the gap between the door and its frame. “So that we can hear his nightmares from out here, because he has forbidden us from sleeping in his room,” he said softly. “Lately we have not heard anything, because it has become so painful that even his subconscious keeps him from screaming in his dreams.”

Finally a reaction: Heero looked straight at him, eyes filled with pain. He didn’t try to speak, though, so Trowa added, “You have a lot to make up for, Yuy.”

Heero nodded almost imperceptibly. “I know,” he whispered. “I intend to.”

In the dim moonlight, Trowa gave him a half-smile. “For what it’s worth, though, I never thought you’d abandoned Duo for a mission,” he said.

Heero’s heart sank. “The others did?” He berated himself for giving them that impression, but he… hadn’t been thinking clearly, at the time.

Trowa was blunt. “Yes,” was his reply. “But… they never stopped hoping you’d come back.” He moved towards Quatre, pausing briefly only when he was directly beside Heero, to place a comforting hand on his shoulder and murmur, “Even Duo, who believed it was his fault.”

Heero drew in a sharp breath as Trowa continued on his way. He took a moment to get a grip on himself, before he turned around to see Trowa gently lift the smaller boy from the chair seemingly effortlessly, murmuring soothing words to keep him asleep.

With Quatre in his arms, Trowa took a step towards Heero, intending to go past him and back to Quatre’s room, but when the Japanese boy didn’t move Trowa stopped. Then Heero bowed to him, a little deeper than he’d done for the others. When he straightened, he stepped to the side, allowing Trowa to pass. When the other boy did, just as he walked past Heero, Heero breathed, “Thank you.”

Smiling to himself, Trowa made his silent way down the hallway. As Quatre stirred slightly in his arms, he whispered, “Shh, everything’s going to be all right… just sleep peacefully, Quatre. Just sleep.”

Behind him, Heero caught the first part of that sentence, and hoped that Trowa was right as he slipped into Duo’s room.

At first he thought that there was nobody inside; that the bedcovers had been haphazardly messed up in a heap. When he moved a little further into the room, though, he realized that the heap was actually Duo, curled into himself under the covers, unmoving, unnaturally still. When he was right beside the bed, with the moonlight to see by, he cringed to see that Duo’s expression was pained, with furrowed eyebrows and sweat beading on his forehead, the muscles in his jaw clenching it shut.

What hurt him the most, though, were the tear tracks on his cheeks.

“Duo,” he whispered, cursing himself a million times over. Quatre was right – he was a bastard. He’d been trying so hard not to get attached to Duo Maxwell that he’d gone too far.

He wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, especially since he’d realized that it was too late. It had been too late, for a very long time.

Heero reached out a hand to soothe Duo’s bangs from his face, knowing why Duo was sleeping so still despite the fact that his body would ache all over the next morning – he hadn’t wanted to worry the other pilots. Obviously they had woken him from his nightmares enough times that Duo had felt that he was disrupting their sleep, and forbade them from going into his room – but they had found a way, in staying just outside.

So Duo had found a way around them, as well.

He found himself stroking Duo’s cheek, wondering how much of the shadow in that too-thin face was a simply a trick of the moonlight. Duo frowned a little, and his eyebrows drew closer together – and suddenly his eyes snapped open, a shiver wracking his body. Heero froze.

The expression on Duo’s face changed to one of first puzzlement, as he separated dream from reality, and then dawning disbelief. “Heero?” he whispered, and then grimaced, pain flashing for a moment on his face before he hid it away.

Heero moved into action. “Don’t talk,” he ordered quietly, helping Duo sit up. As Duo watched with wide eyes, he retrieved a sealed cylinder from inside his lightweight jacket. Opening it, he held it out to Duo.

“Drink it. It’ll help.”

Duo took it, and without hesitation obediently drank it all down. Heero winced at the thought that he didn’t deserve that kind of trust, but put it aside as Duo suddenly coughed, eyes watering, and doubled over. Cursing himself again, Heero quickly moved next to Duo and steadied him, patting his back.

Finally, after a nerve-wracking minute, Duo’s hacking eased. Heero stood as he got his breath back, drawing in deep breaths and letting them out slowly, and when Duo relaxed, looking up, it was to see Heero kneeling on the floor beside the bed, head bowed.

“The first two days of the past week were spent tracking down the scientists that were working for Tsuberov,” Heero said quietly as Duo gaped. “The days after that, until now, were spent making sure that they produced the correct antidote to the liquid you swallowed. I had used… less peaceful methods to get them to cooperate in the first place, and could not leave them to their own devices. I thought it safer to stay and control them. I never meant to abandon you.”

Duo’s jaw worked, but nothing came out. He grimaced, and then tried again. “Didn’t you get a mission?” he blurted.


And that was it. Duo stared some more as he tried to get his mind around the concept. “You had a mission and you… refused it?”

Heero winced slightly. “Not refused. I merely… put it off for a while longer. There were more pressing matters at hand.” He paused, and then added uncertainly, “You, to be exact.”

Duo’s heart skipped a beat. “Heero…?”

“I’m sorry,” Heero said softly, finally looking up at him. His eyes were a darker blue in the moonlight, and there was pleading in them. “I was wrong to try and change you – I noticed you becoming quieter, and I came to realize in this past week that I didn’t like it. I was wrong to take my anger out on you, that day. I was just… no. No excuses.”

“What excuses?” Duo was quick to ask.

“…I was… I was afraid of letting you get too close. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, Heero…” Duo breathed. Then he realized that Heero had been kneeling on the floor, and wanted to kick himself. “Heero, get up – it’s okay, you did nothing really wrong; there’s no harm done. Forgive and forget, eh? Only there’s nothing really to forgive, since you didn’t do much anyway – I should have been more sensitive to your feelings that day. I know you don’t much like chatter in that kind of mood.”

Heero got up slowly, and perched awkwardly on the side of the bed when Duo patted the space beside him in welcome. “I still shouldn’t have…”

“No, no,” Duo interrupted. “If anything, I was the one who overdid it, I suppose.”

“Why?” Heero asked, truly puzzled. “Why go to such lengths?”

Duo shrugged. “If it’s for you, it’s not that much of a length to go to,” he said frankly. “I don’t mind. Anything, if it makes you happy.”

If it makes you happy…

That day, after Duo had left the room – the incident that had started all this – he’d thought that he’d heard Duo say something like that, but he’d written it off as imagination… and suddenly he felt anger. He didn’t get it – he’d treated Duo so badly, and Duo still stayed his friend, and helped him, and did so much for him – it made him feel guilty, and confused, and helpless, and some other feeling he couldn’t name and that made him angry because he didn’t like feeling all those things.

So he lashed out. “Why do this much for me?” he demanded, voice rising slightly above a whisper in his anger. “Why are you so nice to me? Why go to such extremes, and why do you still – why do you still believe so much in me?” He felt tears coming to his eyes, and hated it, for it went against all he’d been taught.

Follow your emotions…

Or maybe not.

Maybe it wasn’t weak, after all, to feel so many things that it made his heart ache.

Duo was silent, and then he reached out a hand to cover Heero’s, clenched in the covers. “I don’t know,” he said lightly, but there was something guarded in his tone. “Maybe it’s because I love you or something.”

Heero froze, only turning his head to stare at Duo.

The braided pilot shrugged. “Just thought you should know,” he said a little too cheerfully. “Since everyone else seems to, already, nosy little buggers that they are –”

He was cut off when Heero suddenly reached out to pull him into a hug, his arms wrapped tight around Duo, one hand seeking out his braid and holding it. “Is that… is that what this feeling is?” Heero whispered, resting his cheek on Duo’s head, breathing in the gentle scent of his shampoo.

Duo turned his head to bury his face in the crook of Heero’s neck, his own arms coming up around Heero’s waist. “I sure as hell hope so,” he said, holding back tears.

Heero stroked Duo’s back. “I’m sorry for being so oblivious,” he said quietly.

“I think it’s just that you were scared to see it,” Duo pointed out, voice muffled.

“I think you’re right.” Heero smiled a little. “It’s not right, though, that you know me so well, and I don’t know you…”

“What’s my favourite fruit? Sport? Band?”

“Apple, basketball, The Pink Bunnies,” Heero said automatically. Then he blinked.

“See?” The smile on Duo’s face could be heard in his voice. “You do know me; it’s just that you’ve never let yourself admit it before.”

Heero had to laugh at that, but he quickly sobered. “I… would like to make up for many things I seem to have done wrong in the past. Will you tolerate me as I learn?” he asked hesitantly. He was not used to asking favours of people, or admitting his mistakes. “I give you permission to correct me if I forget,” he added.

“Of course,” Duo said immediately. “I’ll tell you next time when you’re being a jerk, Yuy, and if you don’t listen I’ll go Quatre on you.” He pulled back to watch Heero laugh again, and felt the corners of his own lips curling into an answering smile. It was good to see Heero again, and to see Heero laughing, with him, in his bed… it would get better than this, if he had his way, but for now? It couldn’t be better.

He scooted over on the bed, tugging Heero down next to him. “First thing you do to make it up to me,” he told the bemused Japanese pilot sternly, “is to sleep here tonight. Got it?”

“Hai. I would be glad to.”

“Good,” said Duo, snuggling into Heero, who hesitantly put an arm around him. “Mm, this is comfy. Night, Heero. I do hope you’re not a dream…”

“I’m not. Good night, Duo,” Heero said softly. “I will be here when you wake.”


Almost theatrically, a blond head of hair poked slowly out from behind the doorframe, followed by a pair of wide blue eyes. Equally comically, a second head of brown hair followed by amused green eyes popped out above the blond head. There was a small growl that sounded like “Kisama, Barton, you’re tall,” and then a black head followed by black eyes came into view under the blond head.

The three pairs of eyes, on the three heads, stared into the room.

Soft morning sunlight, not intense enough yet to wake a sleeper, lay contentedly across the two figures in the bed, like a second covering above the bedcovers. One, with long braided hair, was snuggled up to the other, his features relaxed for the first time in a long time; while the other, with a messy mop of hair, was curled protectively around the first. The watchers resisted the urge to go aww.

The heads withdrew. From behind the wall there were sounds that sounded like three people. One of them said something that might have been, “That still doesn’t let him off the hook, you realize.”

Someone else replied with something like, “Oh, don’t be such a grump, Wufei.”

The first perhaps-speaker snorted. “Who was the one going to make Yuy wish he were never born?”

A third voice joined the fray with words that resembled: “Be quiet, you’re going to wake them up. They both need rest.”

The three voices could be heard fading off into the distance, accompanied by almost silent footsteps. Inside the room, Heero and Duo slept on.


Speaking of 48 Hours, I was wondering if I should write a short epilogue - one with a better ending? The ending of Talk Shows made me think... but I suppose the feeling'll pass.

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hellfire_angel/Hells-angel8hellfire_angel on January 2nd, 2006 07:15 pm (UTC)
Aww, that was such a cute and fluffy ending. I'm glad Heero finally stopped being so dense after Quat went psycho on him. ^_^ Crazy-ass-whooping Quatre is awesome!

48 Hours Epilogue? Hm, if you feel the urge to write one, go for it. I'm willing to read it since the ending made me cry. An alternate ending sounds interesting, maybe one where they find a cure to Duo's illness. It's up to you though and either way I still loved the fic. *Snuggles*
Ashenashenskies on January 3rd, 2006 12:30 pm (UTC)
^____^ Angry!Quatre? is SO fun to write! (: I got into the fandom without watching the anime, but recently I watched about half of it, and I fell in love with Tro and Quatre, too. So my love for 3x4 is now almost on par with 1x2. :p Glad you liked it, anyhow.

it's not an alternate ending... I'll quote you the reply I gave theotherdigit in the comment above:

'the epilogue doesn't mean I'll change the ending of the story (sorry!), so you might still get a little sad at the end of the main plot, but in the epilogue Heero will either be old and when he dies in some way he'll end up with Duo, and there'll be a bit about their next life together - or, it'll just be about their next life together. would that be okay? honestly.'

the question is for you, too. (: would it be okay?
hellfire_angel/Hells-angel8hellfire_angel on January 3rd, 2006 08:49 pm (UTC)
Yup! That would be fine with me. I'm very interested in seeing how you are going to have the pair meet up in the next life!

3x4 is a sweet pairing. But for me I'm still hooked onto 1x2x1 the most. 3x4 has a tie with 13x5 and 6x5 in my case still, but I still love the pairings. To each their own, as I always say. ^_^ *Hugs*
Ashenashenskies on January 7th, 2006 03:59 am (UTC)
okay! that's one vote, then. ^_^

13x5 and 6x5? you're not one of the threesome people then.
hellfire_angel/Hells-angel8hellfire_angel on January 7th, 2006 05:39 am (UTC)
I didn't say that. *evil smirk* I'm all for the boys going into a massive orgy of Doom with each other. ^_______^ I do sometimes read 13x6x5 and have written that pairing into one of my fics (FTBLT) as well.

I just can't read them all the time because some things get a bit out of hand sometimes with that pairing. (Not that it's a bad thing, I just can't read it all the time since it's too far-fetched in certain fics I have read. Although, I'll be damned if I tried to remember what site I read them on. *evil memory*)

But, anyway cast my vote in the drawing and I'll keep an eye out to read more lovely fics. *Hugs*
Ashenashenskies on January 10th, 2006 02:18 pm (UTC)
AHA. *smirks and points* secret kink! i like any mix of 5, 6, and 13, though yes, sometimes all three together isn't handled very well by the author, which is why I don't like much to try it myself. that you've written one fic with all three together - I bow to you. *bows* ^_^

the year's shaping up to be a hectic one, so I'm not sure how much time I'll have to write - but I'll try my best. *hugs* thanks!
hellfire_angel/Hells-angel8hellfire_angel on January 10th, 2006 06:17 pm (UTC)
*HUGS Back* I'll set camp until you have time to write! *sets up the tent and begins to roast marshmallows* ^_^
Ashenashenskies on January 12th, 2006 10:31 am (UTC)
ROASTED MARSHMELLOWS. ;_; we hardly ever have time to eat those! like once a year, maybe. and you can't easily get proper, large marshmellows around. and we always hear these amazing stories about... Roasted Marshmellows. In Chocolate.

hellfire_angel/Hells-angel8hellfire_angel on January 13th, 2006 02:33 am (UTC)
You mean s'mores? They're roasted marshmallows with a piece of chocolate in between two graham cracker cookies. They're really really good. Especially when marshmallows are roasted on open fires. Pure Bliss! If I could box them too you I would. Hmm, that might be my new plan one of these days... *ponders*
Ashenashenskies on January 13th, 2006 12:40 pm (UTC)

that sounds... good. so very, very good.

box them, box them! you'd make a fortune. XD and oh yes, I've also heard of Pop Tarts or something...? apparently they taste amazing, too.
hellfire_angel/Hells-angel8hellfire_angel on January 13th, 2006 05:51 pm (UTC)
Yep! They're pasteries that are pre-made and we put them in the toaster so they get gooing inside. So very, very addictive. *_*

There's all type of flavors of them, and s'more ones too! My favorite is the new cookies and cream ones that they came out with last summer. They're good frozen as well! ^_^
Ashenashenskies on January 14th, 2006 04:52 am (UTC)
;_; oh my, why do you have SUCH nice food? why don't they import stuff like pop tarts over here. >_< and we're supposed to be the city that doesn't stop eating.
hellfire_angel/Hells-angel8hellfire_angel on January 14th, 2006 07:15 pm (UTC)
*shrugs* Maybe because the import companies think you could do without it or think you have something better than what we have over there. Not really sure, since I don't work for any said companies.

When I get money again, I might have to send you a box or two of them. *writes it down on to-do list* ^_^
Ashenashenskies on January 15th, 2006 01:07 am (UTC)
*grins* we eat *anything*, all the time. there are countless 24 hour shops, and no mall is complete without half the shops there selling food. every festival, big or small, there's a food fair set up somewhere. and since we're big on multi-racialness, there's food spanning the cultures of the world. so yeah - maybe they think we have enough food already. XD

will the food actually keep? and not get stale or something, when you send it over continents. >_< and you don't have to send me some... one day somehow when I get to USA, I'll buy a box of pop tarts. ^_^ my new resolution! XP
hellfire_angel/Hells-angel8hellfire_angel on January 15th, 2006 06:19 am (UTC)
Yup! They keep for up to a year or more so it wouldn't be a problem. Gotta love all those preservatives. ^_^'

O.o Oh my... How do you keep up on all the food that comes into Singapore? The US imports a lot of things, but only certain stores have the imports. It sounds like mulit-cultural expantion happens all the time over there. Or at least for the food industry. XD